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Goddess of Jomon

April 26, 2012

Goddess photograph 1 of Jomon

The Japan's biggest clay doll of 45 centimeters in height was excavated from "remains in the town block in front of west no" in August, 1992. It is said to be thing which is in the middle of Jomon period (approximately four, 500 years ago) and is called "goddess in Jomon" from the beautiful figure with whole body statue of perfectly proportioned figure that we got of balance.
We were appointed to important cultural property of country in 1998 and were appointed to national treasure in 2012.

Replica of 45 centimeters in height is displayed by Funagata-town Historical Museum.

Funagata-town Historical Museum

About goddess of Jomon

Goddess photograph 2 of Jomon

Data of "goddess of national treasure Jomon" clay doll
Exhumation place In front of Funagata, Funagata-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata character west no
Remains (village trace) in front of west no
The generation It is middle from preceding page in the middle of Jomon period
 (approximately 4,500 years ago)
Height 45 centimeters
Weight 3.155 kilograms (reconstruction weight)
Country designated important cultural property designation 1998
National treasure designation 2012

Event information

2015 event connection (we link to goddess special site of Jomon.)

About use of trademark

Use of goddess trademark application of Jomon

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