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Urgent information, disaster information

Oh! New New News

It is photograph by determination kanji in a straight line

In kanji one character determination

On January 31, setting an aim in life type was held in Funagata Junior High School.

Event of the life

  • The pregnancy, childbirth
  • Child care, entering a kindergarten
  • Education, entrance to school
  • Adult
  • Employment, the retirement
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Moving
  • Parting

Life guide

  • Family register, resident's card, various proof
  • Insurance, pension
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Tax
  • Health, medical care
  • Firefighting, disaster prevention
  • Bus, train, traffic information
  • House
  • Water and sewage
  • Elderly person, person with a disability support
  • Agriculture and forestry fishery
  • Road, river
  • Disaster prevention information
  • The night, holiday guidance
  • Traffic information

Funagata-town office

263, Funagata, Funagata-machi, Mogami-gun, Yamagata

TEL 0233-32-2111

Main switchboard

Mail info@town.funagata.yamagata.jp

  • Dial guide
  • Government building guidance
  • Mayor Funagata room
  • Funagata-town assembly
  • Funagata-town Board of Education
  • Funagata agriculture committee