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  • Home (Funagata-town top page)
  • Event (guidance of various procedures) of the life
  • Life guide (information necessary for life)
  • Sightseeing, event (information to enjoy Funagata-town)
  • Administrative information (policy, finance of town)
  • Information (information of duties support) for companies
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We show result that we tried hard! Photograph

We show result that we tried hard!

On December 9, presentation was held in Funagata smile nursery school, and children showed song and dance.

Sightseeing, event information

Event of the life

  • The pregnancy, delivery
  • Child care, entering a kindergarten
  • Education, entrance to school
  • Adult
  • Employment, the retirement
  • Marriage/divorce
  • Moving
  • Parting

Life guide

  • Family register, resident's card, various proof
  • Insurance, pension
  • Environmental hygiene
  • Tax
  • Health, medical care
  • Firefighting, disaster prevention
  • Bus, train, traffic information
  • House
  • Water and sewage
  • Elderly person, person with a disability support
  • Agriculture and forestry fishery
  • Road, river